REBoylin's 1.6 Modifications

Posted June 2002


The Magnepan 1.6 has been a source of enjoyment and quest for perfection for many contributors here.  When I had the chance to get them I jumped for joy and this saga began. Below you will find the links to appropriate sections of the tweaks and repairs I made. I don't discuss some details such as "Pro-Gold" treatment covered in other posts.

My XO is an internal version, bi-wired, using Jensen capacitors and Sledgehammer inductors. It involved related repairs and replacements. Without the help of the articles posted here and some of the contributors I might have hesitated and lost the chance due to budget constraints. The crossover upgrade costs were about $250 not including the copper wire trial, membrane repair, and new fabric socks. The upgrade results are improved attack speed and harmonics with clearer bass dynamics and depth.






Introduction and Overview

The history and general scope along with thanks to those who made it so rewarding.


Info from Magnepan

Helpful information gained from productive contacts with a Magnepan Technologist.


Replacing the Fabric

Some added info on replacing the socks and painting the legs.

XO Design Variations

Component decisions and how to fit the larger capacitors behind the fabric covers. Includes the first tested installation using Goertz wiring and the second testing the silver tweeter wiring alternative.

Membrane Repair

Repair of a deformed membrane.

Working on Goertz Wires

Hints for preparing Goertz wire for connections.

Bass Response Tests

I run some test tones for measurement.

Evaluation, Photos, and Links

Final evaluation, photos, and links.