Lightfla's professional MG3.5R XO upgrade by D+S

Iíve posted a number of times on the asylum regarding upgrades for a pair of 3.5R's that I own.   Iím dreadfully inept with electricity and a soldering iron so my goal over these few years was to fine someone who could perform modifications at a reasonable cost (the two seem at odds with each other).

Well by accident I came across D+S Sound Labs and started speaking with Bill Daniels who is a one-man operation.   After we discussed his methodology and my needs I agreed to take my speakers to him (actually he works nearby, so picked then up and delivered them when the work was complete) and he began the modifications.

The results of the modifications are included in this "paper" that Mr. Daniels prepared.   After speaking with him I have received his permission to submit his work to you for addition to the MUG.   There are these caveats.   While he welcomes interaction with others he underscores that he is a speaker builder and installer primarily (10-14 hours per day) and therefore, inquiries he receives may not be responded to at all or promptly, he has his own set ideas on the approach to this type of modification and does not offer "cookie cutter" solutions in kits etc.   Heís a great man and a fine speaker builder/cabinet maker.

He chose not to dissect the entire sock and wrestle with all of the internal wiring to be conservative and safe.   He also chose not to do any mods with the fuses since he didn't feel like having to replace tweeters etc if there was a problem.   I respect that and am def very pleased with the craftsmanship and sonic results.

I have BASS.   Got rid of the sub.   Iím startled at times because if its in the recording the bass is so well articulated that I think the sub is still there reaching for the lower octaves.   It is articulated even at lower volumes.   It is a pleasing bass, not the low thunderous bass of a dedicated sub woofer.

I have MIDRANGE.   The midrange panel in the stock Maggie seemed weak and light.   It sounded as if the Tweeter was producing most of the mid-range.   That is not the case now.   I know there is a midrange panel when I step close, which is full, well defined and sweet.   The tweeter now reproduces the airiest of highs.   One almost doesn't know its there, yet it is adding to the overall much improved sound.   The edginess and harshness is gone.

There is improved efficiency and a flatter frequency response.   I am very pleased.

PS:   I am having Klaus Bunge at Odyssey Audio build me a pair of mono extreme editions.   Iíve also gone from HT to two channel and have acquired a Consonance Basie Preamp... built with all avail upgrades (what a sweet addition).   Iím looking for a new CD unit.   Iím considering a modified Music Hall CD-25 available through Underwood HiFi.   Cary is a brand Iíve some interest in however the 303, 100, and 200 flavors are a bit out of my reach right now with dental work looming.