Wing Designs seen by Peter

Ok, I am no artist, but you should be able to get the picture(pun intended)of the wing designs I have seen. I drew them as if on a 3.6 so you can see the what is meant by the tweeter side of the speaker. I also made a lame attempt at drawing George Cardas' wing design. The metal in the magnepan designed wing was the same type of metal used in the screen of a Martin Logan perferated metal. The wings go straight back with no angle from the speaker as you can see in the top view. The Cardas design was made of Maple I think, and was gorgeous. I drew in stands, but I think the Wings acted as the speaker stands, I really can not remember. You will get the idea.... Feel free to ask questions. The improvement on the 12's I heard was dramatic, I am sure on a 3.6 or 1.6 it will be as well.