tony2v's MG-IIb repair

Removing the bottom panel to access the staples.  You need to remove all the wood trim to peel off the sock.

Removing the staples.  There are lots of staples and this requires lots of patience.

View of the crossover components

This is a view of the crossover and the bottom of the panel.  This is the back bottom of the MG-IIb.  The greenish area is where the glue has begun to harden.  You can see where the panel wires connect to the crossover wiring.

Overall view of the rear of the MG-IIb

Cleaning off the hardened glue.  We used acetone to remove the old glue.

You can see me peeling off the old tweeter wire.  The new wire is 31 gauge aluminum wire.  The old wire had corroded in several spots.

View of the panel wiring, bass wiring on the left and tweeter wiring on the right where the light area is.  This is where we started to remove the glue.

Close-up of the hardened glue.  The big wire is the bass wiring.  Those black spots near the wires are the magnets that are underneath the Mylar.

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