tony2v's erector set MG12 speaker stands

system description

Those are MG12s. I had MMGs for 3 months got the itch moved up. The MG1.6s were what I wanted BUT wouldn't work in my living room. No WAF to fear just common sense, damn.

I used the diagram from the Maggie Legs I found on the MUG site. I used 9.5" stands in case I decided to elevate the speakers. The feet are 17" long. I centered the stand portion and used a framing square to ensure perpendicularity. The MDF boards helped with better details and imaging. The stands on carpeting sounded fuzzy. The 10lb weight helps to couple the feet to the board and provide stability. I built these originally for the MMGs, the hole pattern works on the MG12 and my buddy's MG1C(who I built a set for). I PREFER the sound of the MMGs, MG12s and MG1C upright from my listening position 9.5' away. The speakers are 44" from back wall toed-in 5, 36" from side walls and 64" apart.

These were scrap material from work. Building prototype racks for the susbsystem units. The 80/20 material list (all parts are standard 80/20 stock):

The speaker components are:

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