Todd R's MG1.6/QR back panel cross-over

I modified my Maggie 1.6 with Cardas 11½ga wire on the woofer and 17½ga wire for the midrange/tweeter. The binding posts are also Cardas as is the solder and flux used for this project.

As per Paco's instructions I also used one Jensen 22uF speaker cap (tweeter, series), one Ansar supersound 25uF cap (woofer, shunt). Instead of the Northcreek inductor I used the Madisound "Sledgehammer" inductor because I wanted every component to fit internally. You must ask Madisound to unwind the inductor down to 3.5mH as it's not a standard size.

Everything fits in the stock locations and the caps only stick out from the back of the speaker by ¼". The inductor is a bit of a tight fit, but I simply took the appropriate size SHARP wood chisel and notched out the sides of the opening to fit. Didn't take much, maybe 1/8" deep cut. Work it down by hand, hammering on the chisel is not necessary.

The cover is painted Plexiglas with short spacers to clear the caps. It is sufficient to keep curious kids & cats from messing with things until I think of a better way to make a cover.

The upgrade is well worth the money.

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