Shrumple's Ultimate MMG stands?

( click for HiRez enlargement )

    Thought I'd send along my "tweak" for both keeping my new MMG's off the wall, but also out of the hands of my two year old son.   At first I was thinking of a "stand" that would bolt to the rear wall and hold the speakers out on arms.   But, that would require mounting directly into wall studs which aren't easily accessible in this spot.

    Anyway, I do a lot of biking and realized that two bicycle storage racks (purchased at Performance Bicycle shop for $65/ea on sale) might do the trick.   And, I was RIGHT!   By simply inverting the top bike holder you can cradle the MMG's between the outstretched arms.   Those arms are fully adjustable up and down so you can put the speakers at just about any height, floor to ceiling, which will be handy as soon as my toddler is older.

    And the black matte finish matches the speakers perfectly.   Everyone I've shown them to thinks the stands were made specifically for the speakers.

    A slick, professional, modern look for under $150.

    I like it!