Ronnhedh's Magnepan MG3.6/R stands

The DIY stands for MG3.6 are finished.

These are comprised of " AL tubes connected between ⅔ from speaker bottom and a slab of 24"20"1.5" stone (soapstone). The tubes are filled with blister-sand.

The tubes are screwed to the panels and the stone slab with precision machined massive AL brackets connected with cyanacrylate glue.

The stands are put on Rollerblocks JRs from Symposium mounted with screw pins. These bearings decouple the stands horizontally but couples rigidly to the floor in the vertical dimension.

The arrangement allows the panels to move freely back and forth without twisting or swaying. Although the maggies are quite tall, no mechanical stability issues whatsoever are recognized.

The loudspeaker / stand / coupling does not affect the measured in-room frequency response at all. The coupling resonance frequency is below 3 Hz with a Q-value ~2.
The stands make an amazing difference in sound quality - midrange quality gets much more solid and smooth with much improved and less bright detail, timbre is more correct.