roland's Magnepan stands

Thanks to Mart, I now have a page to link for my new Oak pan stands. I was able to stand on the shoulders of giants with this upgrade. I replaced stock caps and inductor with Auri's and Sledgehammer, respectively per Paco's advice. The sonic improvement was immediate and obvious, more clarity, etc.. Also, the binding posts were also replaced with basic gold plated ones.

My MikeCh inspired PanStands are contructed mainly of oak with some pine. Oak fluted molding used for front and feet. Oak panel and brace, rest pine. the 1.6 panel fits snuggly into a "U" and is secured with 4 bolts on each side of the speaker. The speaker panel is protected from bolts by Aluminum sheet metal. The stand sits on Dynaudio speaker spikes.

Audible improvements are some clairity, and noticable improvement in efficiency. No doubt energy is used to move just the speaker membrane, and not the whole speaker. In adidition, the speakers now look as good as they sound!

Thanks to all the folks at AA and MUG for their help and guidance in selecting literally every piece of my current set up, and for those bold(er) people for taking the first step, (and second and third) and reporting back so others, like myself, could benefit from their experiences.

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