Tweak from RichardH

Here's a great cheap mod for the MMG's that will make them sound better yet. By standing them upright and raising them, the imaging snaps into place and everything tightens up. In a sense, you can make them perform more like the 1.6 in this respect, especially if you are using a sub with them. The problem with the MMG's leaning back is that it seems like the singer is in the floor. Once you stand them upright, the singer is in front of you, but a little short. Raise them a few inches and everything's perfect. All the parts needed can be found at your local Home Depot/Lowe's. Here's what to do:

In order to stand them upright you will need to get new "feet" for them. Get the L-shaped Simpson Corner Brace (A66) - 6X6" -- in the metal brace section. You will need eight of them. Also get eight 1/4" zinc washers. The holes in the corner brace line up with the holes in the back of the MMG's. Line up two braces back-to-back to form an inverted "T"...this will form one of the "feet". Use the washers and original screws and replace each of the standard black angled legs with a new inverted "T". You will have two of these "T's" per speaker.

An easy way to raise them is with concrete blocks. These heavy blocks will serve to couple the speaker to the floor. Get four of the 8x8x16" concrete blocks -- found in the garden/plants area. Put two together to make a square 16x16" platform that raises the MMGs by 8". You can use some blue-tak (putty) to fasten the inverted "T" feet to the concrete blocks. This will ensure that they won't slip around and provide better coupling to the concrete blocks.

Additionally, you may want to cover the new stands as they aren't very attractive as is. I went to the crafts store and bought some black felt. I cut square pieces and put a slit in the middle to allow them to slip over the top of the speakers and down over the concrete platform. I then folded the slight excess under the blocks for a clean look. Depending on your room's decor, you could get a different fabric to match.

Many people have reported that replacing the steel jumper in the tweeter attenuator jack improves the highs. You can just cut off an inch of the wire you're already using, so it shouldn't cost anything.

Well, that's it. I think everyone with MMG's should do these modifications. It's a definite improvement, and at minimal cost (~$25).

Happy listening.