Peter Gunn’s - MMG - Pics & 1st Impressions

pair of Magnestands

front & back toeless footprint crossover box

The bottom pics show their size in comparison to my kid, and to my SMGa’s.  They are nearly the same.

my babies kissing cousins

OK, while these pics give a better idea of the finish it still really doesn’t do it justice.  They do look like they were painted with the blood of an innocent however…

Everything that went for the MG1.6 goes for these as well.  I have been grousing a bit about them because it turns out they still need some resistance.  I thought being smaller they’d need less, and I only used 1 ohm Duelunds in them.  Apparently quasi ribbons behave like other ribbons and size doesn’t matter.  Once the new XO parts where in and the boundaries left open, they roamed…


As I noted before, I found them not wanting for anything after the mod.  Beautiful crystalline highs; deep powerful bass; great mids.  Almost undistinguishable from the SMGa with the only difference being to achieve this you need to turn the gain up a few more clicks.  Aye… there was the rub.

At the same knob level I tend listen to my SMGa’s at, they were slightly more quiet.  However, at this level the highs were OK for me, but the bass was a little lacking.  Turning the gain up made the bass come alive, (It was now at my normal listening volume)  Although, then the highs get out of control slightly.  It’s not bad, but for me at least they cross the line.  I think they not only should have larger resistors, they probably should be more than the MG1.6’s.  I’m thinking 2.5 to 3 ohms would do it.

However the customer did ask for a slightly “hot” top end, so I believe I’ll leave it up to him.  After about 150 hours of break in if he thinks they are still a bit bright he can add a higher value in.  After all, they are his

Otherwise it went OK.  I’ll add more info when it comes in but I think it’s a very viable speaker capable of beating even a stock 3 series once it has been modified.  I will try to get a pair over the summer, do them up, break them in, and then send them off on a whirlwind tour of audiophile scrutiny.  Look for this to be ready by September or so, and if you want in, let me know.  I’ll line people up us close as possible; you pay shipping to you, and keep and evaluate them for 2 weeks.

Any questions, feel free to ask.  Thanks!

It’s all about the music...