R645 upgrades
from glt

My 645 measurements. Radio Shack meter, with 80 db seting. 1M from left speaker. Stereophile test CD

Repleased crossover with premium components, plus the basket damping tweaks. The poly stuffing is still in.

You'll notice the abscissa reads frequency so I can plot just the 2 decades from 20Hz-2kHz without any over/underlap.

I used Radio Shack plastic boxes. For the ribbon cap I used a small box and installed binding posts. The cap I used is a 12mF Multicap. I then attached the box to the back of the ribbon with velcro. For the bass xover I used a bigger box and screwed it to the back of the speaker enclosure re-using the 4 holes from the binding posts which I took out.

I used Ohmite resistors (10 27W), Ansar CAP (22 mF) and Copper Foil Inductor (2mH). A lot of the ideas are from the Maggie guys (especially Paco)

I used a Radio Shack plastic box and attatched it to the same screw holes as the binding plate.