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Letís do an experiment first. Put your hand on the back of your Maggie until you touch the perforated steel plate while you are playing a CD with a lot of bass information. You will feel the steel plate is vibrating. This experiment indicates that the vibrating plate may be one of the reasons which cause Maggie has soft and weak bass. I have been trying to find a solution for a while as indicated in my other post. I thought about gluing some steel bars on the back of perforated steel plate but I was not sure what the result would be since this tweak canít be undone.

Finally, I came up a solution, which works wonderfully (see the picture). This solution doesnít block the sound while it reduces the vibration of bass panel and it doesn't push the panel forcefully to cause distortion either. It keeps everything intact. In case you want to try it out for yourself, you need to be extremely careful without tightening the screws too much. Once you feel slight pressure, you should stop so the tip of screw just touches the perforated steel plate. I use 7 screws behind the bass panel initially. It is no doubt that bass is further improved, but the image is so steady that separation of instruments is a bit too much for me. I have to loose those three screws close to the midrange area to soften image. I use two 1X2 oak supporting bars for each speaker.

After I finished it, I turned on the system. Boy! Mahlerís Symphony never sounded so good. Every instrument in the orchestra is well defined. I also played some pieces of solo instruments. Bass cello is simply wonderful. Drum sound is very well controlled and the texture of sound while sticks hit the skin of drum is so real. I simply love it. I donít know if my idea works for 1.6 or smaller Maggies. But I am sure it could help 3 series as well.

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