james kerry's MG1.6/QR speaker stands w/ formal sarong

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_ _ I found having the 2 white support braces (heavy duty shelving supports) affixed to the cross beam support (and not the frame) provides great stability. _ Will add "legs", spikes eventually. _ Initial listening proved sensational. _ Will wait for break-in, settlement before my usual rants, raves, etc. _ HIGHLY recommend. _ This proves if "I" can do it ANYONE can. _ Best $80 you can spend for an upgrade.

_ _ However, after continued low aesthetic value of "naked stands" in the living room I decided to "dress up" Maggie with formal evening wear … "skirts" are 100% acoustically transparent from parts express and do NOT interrupt soundstaging, or add coloration etc… _ And since they're held on by velcro, they can be removed for serious listening!

_ _ Skirts began with the right triangle frames that measured 64"H×19"W with a 65" hypotenuse. _ They were then screwed together with 3/8" nail screws. _ Once together, the frames were placed on top of the roughly cut speaker cloth (item #260-335 that I purchased from Parts Express) as depicted in "overlay" photo (center, above). _ Edges were placed (stretched tautly) onto the frame and stapled with standard grade (medium school grade) stapler. _ Excess cloth was trimmed and velcro was added to top middle and bottom area. _ Note: ideal frame would be "flush" and not "crisscross", “skewed” or ”teepeed” to prevent "bulging".

_ _ Big thanks to Mart (the mad mod) who runs the planar forum … THE most significant component in my system! _ I'd also like to thank "Mike" for inspiring the "wing" concept and Jeff's marvelous stands all from "tweaks" page. _ Planar purists (myself one!!) will no doubt take a while to get used to a "3D" Maggie appearance. _ This in NO way takes away from the remarkable design/concept of the remarkable Magneplanars. _ The concept is purely & only cosmetic. _ When no one's around I remove the skirts and enjoy the remarkable sound these fine instruments make! _ … I can hear you now. _ It doesn't make any difference but it makes the purist in me FEEL better, OK?

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