Fuse tweak from Ed Hsu

Jon Risch suggested to use twisted CAT 5 filaments for hookup wire for the crossover rebuild of my 1.6's. To test the different wires, I used the different wires to bridge several sets of the fuses.

The sound using CAT 5 is more detailed, richer and more harmonic than all the other wires and way ahead of the stock fuses. Even more surprising is that the bass sounds better, even though the fuse is only in the tweeter circuit !

High frequencies play an important role in bass definition.

Receipe is as follows

  1. Connect a C or D size battery to the fuse to burn it out
  2. File or emery paper the ends of the fuse to get a fresh unoxidized surface
  3. Solder (tin) the fuse ends so you get a nice mound of well attached solder. (Try not to use Rat Shack solder but Wonder, WBT or other well regarded brand)
  4. Prepare the 6 strands of CAT 5 by stripping the ends, twisting them together and then tinning the ends
  5. Solder the ends of the CAT 5 bundle to the fuse ends
  6. Clean fuse and fuse holder with Caig Pro Gold contact cleaner / treatment
  7. Insert bridged fuse and enjoy at MODERATE volume.

Note this tweak removes overload protection for the tweeter panel. Not recommended and hazardous if you have young children or older children who like to listen to music loud