EmailTim's afterstock MG3.6/R Maple trim

I have custom Vermont BirdsEye hardwood maple styles. The stock styles can be removed and replaced without taking out the drivers (screwdrivers and putty knives). The only thing that is holding the styles in place are the black screws on the back of the 3.6's and the cloth that is tucked into them. It takes some time to stretch the material to reassemble. The very top and bottom corners are the trickiest, but there are plastic strips attached to the edges of the cloth that makes it much easier to tuck the plastic into the slots.

I like the look of BirdsEye, but achieved a sonic improvement as a bonus. I am now getting more bass and detail out of the 3.6's. I thought the sonic deltas might be wishful thinking, but my better half has noticed them as well. I usually listen to jazz, solo (or small group) instrumental and solo vocalists on the Maggies, but now, Pink Floyd sounds very doable. The stiffer maple hardwood styles are probably functioning similar to the reinforced 1.6 stand tweaks.

I checked with Magnepan and they put me in contact with their fabricator. I tried to get them to make the styles, but they would not. Their fabricator only does bulk orders once or twice a year & won’t do one-offs & then only cuts freshly kiln dried oak. My stock I eventually purchased from Michael Cummings @ House in the Woods Vermont was naturally dried for roughly 15 years. Magnepan's trim contractor still avoided it like the plague. He also had too many conditions that eliminated the use of many exotic hardwoods. He states it is too much trouble with too much chance of mishaps (tearing or splitting).

I then inquired & received the necessary blueprints from Magnepan. I subsequently sought out & found Matthew Healey @ Tree To Treasure c/o Vermont Furniture, a new fabricator, who did an EXCELLENT job in fabricating the trim. Matt worked completely from the specs I retrieved from Magnepan and never saw the speakers. The styles are more involved than they look. They look pretty simple when you look at the speakers, but the most intricate part of the styles is concealed under the cloth. The final product bolted right up with no additional tweaks to fit. His woodworking skills are far superior to that of the stock mass quantity style supplier. He used 1 coat of Watco oil to bring out the vivid figure from the pale stock & finished it with a clear lacquer. The finish is smooth as glass and the movement in the wood grain is spectacular.

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