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Maggie on stand ~ front Maggie on stand ~ side
Maggie on stand base ~ detail Back assy with 2nd horiz strut

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I’ve been lurking around the MUG site for 6 months or so reading the various threads especially with respect to priority of tweaks for my Maggies.   Stands came through loud and clear with the Mye Stands seeming the most often recommended.   I looked at them longingly and then figured I had pushed the WAF about as far as I could over the last 6 months after first getting the Maggies and then a new CDP, so I opted to roll my own stands first before trying to explain what a bunch of packages from Canada were for.   The results are attached here.   I confess to roughly copying the Mye stand concept/layout from the photos (I’ve never actually seen a pair), converted it to wood for the typical hobbyist and then borrowed a bit from Green Lantern’s DIY stands for the upper straps at the top of the bracing struts to hold the Maggies steady.

Total cost: Approx $35.00 plus your favorite flavor of spike or other form of foot (I spent another $40.00 on those for about $75.00 total).

Requires no mods or holes to speaker frames themselves – reuses existing Maggie mounting holes and screws.

Except for spikes, all material is available at your local home improvement store.

Basic construction is Poplar which takes paint well – All 1” x 2”.   How much is up to you depending upon how deep you want the base to be.   Mine are 20” on each side (a bit longer than Maggie standard legs), so I used a bit under 7 feet to make each base (near 14 feet total), plus another 16 feet more to make the 4 vertical struts.   There is 32 feet worth of 3/4” x 3/4” “L” shaped pine trim wood used to provide a decorative edge for the vertical struts and also to make them a bit heavier and more rigid.   In addition to the horizontal strut under the maggies to which the short vertical mounting posts are attached, I added another cross-piece a few inches back, so a bag of shot or sand could be added if desired, or to provide for a mounting platform for a crossover box at some later date.

Misc Parts & Hardware:

Hardware is your choice – here’s what I used:

Base Horiz strut attach Base T-nut for Spike Base assy
Base Painted with Strut Mounts Strut Mount detail Vertical Struts End detail
Spike on base Strut and strap Strut attached to strap

The photos are pretty much self explanatory – details & even shapes can be adjusted to taste.   I used clamps, rubber bands, really anything that was handy around my house & garage to fixture and clamp things together while glue dried or while I was aligning things before pre-drilling for screws.   Just use your imagination.   I do recommend a drafting triangle and/or T-square up front though when fitting things together.   It will help avoid embarrassment after the glue dries or the screws are in.   A bench vise is handy to “adjust” the steel straps to fit Maggie’s frame nicely before painting, but a medium “C-Clamp” will do the trick too.

Depending on what you do for feet/spikes, you may need 8 T-nuts to mount them.   The spikes I bought (from Parts Express) came with the T-nuts as part of a kit.   Due to the size of the T-nuts, I was a bit worried about splitting the wood and/or breaking out through the edges, so I first drilled the main blind holes for them, then pushed them in just hard enough to mark the wood with the points on the nuts.   After removing the nuts, I drilled holes for the points on the nuts and then finally glued the nuts permanently into the bases before painting them.

Add 2+ quarts of sweat if you live in South Florida or similar climate.   If I had to do it all over again, I’d risk the argument with my better half and get a pair of Mye stands from Grant, but all-in-all, it was fun to do – breaks the ice so to speak as far as “working” on your Maggies is concerned, and the resulting improvement in soundstage, bass, etc is definitely worth it whether you decide to go the dehydration route as I did, or withdraw funds from the wallet and place an order with Grant.   The steel Mye Stands are undoubtedly more rigid than these and also have the advantage of being able to be filled with sand or shot, but this DIY set will still hold your Maggies a lot steadier than the original Magnepan supplied feet and you'll hear tangible improvements in sound.

PS: I considered bass panels on them as suggested in some of the other DIY mount tweaks, they are easy enough to add, but in my room they didn’t and still do not seem necessary.   The stands by themselves bring out noticeable bass impact to the otherwise stock 1.6QRs.