Dawnrazor's MMG WBT Binding Post Mod

(click pictures to enlarge)

stock MMGs minus socks
holes drilled for new bi-amp terminals

installed & wired WBTs
oblique view showings my new MMG stands
I am sending these pictures of a recent mod I did to my MMGs to facilitate active bi-amping, and cable swapping.

The pictures speak for themselves, except that there is no soldering the wires are wrapped around the posts between the red and white plastic rings, and the "bottom" of the post (the part directly below where a spade would sit).  Pressure from the mounting nut holds things together.  The driver wires were treated with Silclear.

Yes, these are on the FRONT of the speaker.  Due to my sideways set-up, putting them on the front of the speaker looks better, and can produce shorter runs.  They could easily be switched to stick out the back, particularly if shorter posts are used.