Apogee Information

By Bill Cruce

Original Manufacturer: Apogee Acoustics, Inc.
One Progress Way
Wilmington, MA 01887
(508) 988-0124

Apogee was bought by a/d/s in 1998 and, for a brief period, a/d/s continued the Apogee speaker line. After dropping the line they ceased supporting it, even with replacement parts. However, if you want to try contacting a/d/s here is their information (09/00).

New Owner: a/d/s, Inc.
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (781) 729-1140
Fax: (781) 729-3535
Contact Info: Contact Us

If you have an Apogee speaker and need parts replacement, there is still hope. An active Apogee users group exists on the web. Sometimes people have spare parts to sell or trade.

AudioWorld Apogee Users Group

There is another web site, in Great Britain, specializing in support for owners of Apogee Speakers:

Apogee Speaker Users Website

A person in Australia, known as "Graz" has replacement ribbons for sale. Check the forums above for reports on their quality, I have no experience with them. For pricing, contact Graz at: "Graz" mailto:graz@graz.com.au

There has been some discussion on these forums that Newform Research, makers of very fine ribbon speakers, might make parts kits. Contact John Meyer at Newform:

"J. Meyer" mailto:ribbons@newformresearch.com

A few months ago it was reported that Matt Carnicelli, moderator of the AudioWorld Apogee Users Group, was trying to organize parts replacement for the users group. Contact Matt at:

"Matt Carnicelli" mailto:mcarnicelli@bigfoot.com

Please email me if you find new information about parts replacement and I will post the information here.

"Bill Cruce" mailto:bill@cybertheater.com

CyberTheater review of the Apogee Slant 8, Column,
Architectural Center, and LCR speakers

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