DIY Stands for MC1's

Those inmates who are incorporating smaller Maggies (e.g. MC1's) into multichannel music or home theater systems, will find that this is pretty easy if you are willing to sink holes into your walls.   Itís tougher, though, if you want to preserve the option to move the speakers around (or need the flexibility to change houses or apartments).   The movable stands Magnepan offers arenít integrated particularly well with the speakers; cost over $200; and require you to nail or drill right into the speaker (damaging the sock and compromising the appearance if you ever want to move to a wall mount).   I came upon an easy, cheap, and attractive alternative, if youíre willing to spend just a few minutes drilling four holes! There is a common garment fixture known as an ďadjustable notched costumer,Ē fabricated of rectangular steel tubing with a weighted base.   These units come in white, black, and metal finishes and only cost about $28 for a pair of two.

It is simple to modify the costumers for use as Maggie stands.   Just assemble the fixture, decide how high you want your MC1ís and adjust the stand height accordingly (this is easy to do using a spring-loaded stud that is inside one of the telescoping rectangular tubes).   Then just drill a hole at the top and bottom of the tube to accommodate the L-brackets supplied with the speakers, using a machine screw and nut to secure each bracket.   The tubes are easy to drill using a standard bit.

Iím attaching a link with pictures of the top of the stand, the bottom, and the completed stand.   You can buy the "costumers" online at a number of distributors, including the VM504 model here

Other distributors also supply an optional wood-finish cover for the weighted base of the costumer, but I didnít feel it was esthetically necessary.   WAF was actually higher for this solution than for the standard stands!