Norbert Christmann's Magnepan MG2.5/R System

My System:

    This system is in my 11'D◊15'D◊8'H paneled concrete basement.   The speakers are about 8 ft apart and toed in about three inches with the tweeters to the outside.   I have not yet finished it and some room treatment may be in order.   The imaging with this system is very good and is certainly superior to any other system I have owned.   The system has great extension especially in the high end.   The bass is adequate for most applications, but leaves a bit to be desired where bass and HT is concerned.   There are some minor standing waves.   This is where room treatments will come in handy.

    Over all I must say I really love the Maggies.   The 2.5R's have served me well and I must say that after having auditioned the 3.6Rís that I do still prefer the 2.5R's they seem to have better bass extension, and in my opinion are also smoother in the higher frequencies.   Although this is a subjective opinion as I have not had the opportunity to audition the 3.6R's in my listening room.