Paco's Living Room System

    Here are some pictures of my modified naked MG1.6/QR speakers in my system (full reference & details found there).

    This is an overview of my system.   You can see the REL Strata III subwoofer behind the right Maggie.   Plus, around each naked MG1.6/QR you can see a heavy sand box weighing down the stands in front & some leaves of the artificial ficus tree behind. Also behind the VIBEX rack my main collection of CD's, containing orchestral & choral music.

    This's my modified Maggie in profile.   Now you can really see the artificial ficus to diffuse the backwave of the dipole & the aluminium bars to improve speaker rigidity & the platform to support one of my twin Audio Analogue: Donizetti stereo amplifiers for biamping each 2-way MG1.6/QR.

    On the right is my collection of opera CD's & some books on music.

    Here is the back of my amp.   Those capacitors & resistors near my inputs are my passive line level X-over: a little network between the preamp and each of the amp channels so to allow direct drive of the planar magnetic drivers.   Also, you can see the flat wires from the amp outputs, direct to the maggie drivers (on the other side, not seen here).

    Part of the left Maggie and my collection of instrumental & chamber music.

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