NickWay's Sonic Oasis

dedicated stereo audio system

Parasound CBD-2000 transport ($1550.00)
Very musical belt-driven top-loading transport. Former UHF Magazine reference. Responds well to an after market power cord.

Wadia DigiMaster X-32 DAC ($2500.00)
I love the sound of this D/A converter. It was way ahead of its time. It has the same house sound like the new ones, but slightly more forward and romantic presentation.  Overall it sounds great.  It beats many new players that I have heard costing $2.5K plus.

Blue Circle Audio CS integrated amplifier ($1150.00)
Sounds great.  Has pre-out option for a down the road upgrade.

Magnepan MG-12/QR speakers ($950.00)
Sound great - going to buy some Mye Stands with struts or build my own.

Monster Power HTS-2600 power conditioner
Got it new for a great price.  It makes a noticeable difference.

Mye Stands with Struts ($400.00)
MyeSound speaker stands with struts.  They look just like the stands you would get for the MG-1.6/QR or MG-3.6/R.

Blue Circle BC61 × 2 powercords
I have one cord on my Parasound transport. Another one is on order to the Wadia DAC.

Paul Speltz Anti-Cables & Zeros ($70 & $450)
7-foot run with Zero autoformers on order.

DNM Reson interconnects
DNM Reson with bullet-plug connectors.

Stereovox HDXV digital interconnect ($100 on order)
DNM Reson with bullet-plug connectors.

DIY Flexy rack ($100)
I made a 5-shelf 3-point DIY Flexy rack.  It uses ¾” MDF and ⅝” threaded rod.  Looks and sounds good.

Fake Ficus Trees ($50)
I bought two ficus trees which I used behind each speaker to help with diffusion.

DIY Sound Panels & Bass Traps ($150)

  • 2 front corner bass traps
  • 2 large sound panels for behind speakers
  • 2 rear corner traps
  • 1 trap for behind my head