Larry Shreve's MG1.6QR hybrid HT system

I am currently running Cal Labs CL-20 and Krell 300i with the Magnepans. While the Krell has plenty of punch and good bass extension, it can sound a little strident with some players/dacs with the Maggies. The CL-20 is a great match with this combo. I have recently bought a Mesa Baron tube amp for the 1.6's (55 watts per side in full triode mode to 150 watts per side in full pentode operation) but it is not pictured here. It is intended to replace the Krell...we will see how they audition out.

Other speakers are: B&W CDM SE1 (used for home theater with B&W center and surrounds, and also sound great with the Cary 300B amp). Soliloquy 5.3's which are used mostly with the Cary tube amps, (CAD 300sei and CAD 2A3i) but also sound super with the Krell.

I have even tried the 1.6's with the Cary 2A3 and 300B SET tube amps with surprising results that are documented on the MUG board.

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