HTFer's Magnepan w/ MartinLogan subwoofer system

recent MG3.6/R & Rotel upgrade

from top to bottom of the Mapleshade rack:
  • Onyx XCD-88 HDCP (mod 1 from Underwood HiFi)
  • Marsh P2000T hybrid tube preamp (mod 1 from Underwood HiFi)
  • Rotel RB 1090 amp
  • Audioquest Jaquar DBS interconnects
  • Radix power cables
  • Martin Logan Depth subwoofer

    former MG1.6/QR & MSD system

  • Onyx XCD-88 CD player
  • Marsh Sound Design P2000T preamp (modified by Underwood HiFi @ Parts Connexion)
  • Marsh Sound Design A400 amp
  • had a SVS: PC-Ultra subwoofer that I upgraded to a Martin Logan: Depth
    my casters I am continually using to tweak the Maggie's room position