MG10.1 - Serious Music for the Space Conscious Audiophile

If floor space is at a premium, the 10 1/4" wide MG10.1 is for you......for either music or home theater, the MG10.1 is an elegant solution to a space problem.

Although originally designed for serious music listening, with dipole sound to below 45Hz, the MG10.1 works well in home theater systems as either left-right front speakers or as surround speakers. The planar midbass/midrange driver has over 261 square inches of radiating area which produces ample midbass to blend ideally to most subwoofers.

The MG10.1 can put an audiophile's or videophile's dream system in the smallest of rooms. Ideal for serious music listeners who want to watch an occasional movie ... the MG10.1 provides the same resolving power for both media.

Kim Wilson, of Audio Revolution, January, 1998, stated,

"I am pleased to report that the MG10.1's passed my listening test and I have christened them as my new reference speaker."

Model MG10.1
Description  2-Way/Quasi Ribbon


Freq. Resp. 40-24kHz +-3dB 
Rec Power 50-250 W
Sensitivity of This Model 85dB/500Hz /2.83v 
Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 10.5 x 53 x 1.375

Available in natural or black solid oak trim, cherry white, black or grey fabric.